About us

Onil Translations is a young and diligent translation agency, committed to the quality of the service and the final product. Translations are guaranteed always on time, we are aware that the treatment, quality and compliance with deadlines are essential requirements.

Who we are?

Onil Juez is the founder of Onil Translations, he is a graduated in Translation and Interpretation by the European University of the Atlantic and he studied a Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Translation: Localization, Subtitling and Dubbing by ISTRAD and the University of Cádiz. Stands out from his work as a translator, the translation of the memory of the GYLF (Global Youth Leadership Forum) 2017, the participation in the translation of films in the FCAT (African Film Festival) and the adaptations for hearing impaired people in “Ginés en Corto” (Ginés International Short Film Festival ), in addition to experience in subtitling and dubbing for the small screen.

How we work?

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    We send you a quote and the delivery time the same day you request it. Your quote will be completely customized and adjusted to your needs.

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    The expert translator performs the translation following all the translation guidelines of Onil Translations. Our clients guarantee the quality of our translations and the service provided.


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    At the end of the translation, it will be reviewed by another specialized expert.

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