General translation

Today, translation is an essential activity that communicates cultures. We carry out this activity with dedication, effort and great results, so that the translation recipient feels that he is reading or listening to his mother tongue.

General translation of all kinds of texts

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Audiovisual Translation

Audiovisual translation grows at a dizzying pace. We are experts in that area and we are in charge of subtitling and dubbing any audiovisual product.

Dubbing and subtitling

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Technical Translation

All the devices we use in oureveryday need a little push from our supplier to have control over them and know how to use them. We take care that you get that push as if a friend of yours was giving it to you, with simple translations, but without losing a drop of information.

Technical Translation

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Scientific Translation

The scientific community is the one that needs more visibility and in which we should place more hope in progress. Because of this, we make every effort to translate the information in this area reliably and with dedication.

Translation of scientific documents

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Legal Translation

Legal translation consists of the translation of documents related to the law, we are responsible for developing an equivalent in your language.

Translation of legal documents

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Can’t find the service you are looking for?

Since we are human, we may not master any of the areas or combinations of languages you wish to translate. For this reason, we take care of finding a trusted professional who can carry out this service and without additional cost. We will always try to make things easier for you, you just need to ask.

How we work?

  • 1


    We send you a quote and the delivery time the same day you request it. Your quote will be completely customized and adjusted to your needs.

  • 2


    The specialized expert will carry out the translation following all the translation guidelines of Onil Translations. Our clients guarantee the quality of our translations and the service provided.


  • 3


    At the end of the translation, it will be reviewed by another specialized expert.
  • 4


    We send the translation within the agreed deadline.


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